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Hamburg, Closed for the season
Re- Opening Black Friday 2024
Hours:    Weekends, 9 to 5                Weekdays, 11 to 5

For more than four decades, families have started their Christmas adventure with Beck Tree Farms in northern Berks County. 

More than fifty acres of trees, fresh country air, farm animals, our covered bridge, and a roaring fire make for a picture-perfect holiday tradition.

We specialize in Fraser Fir, offering thousands of beautiful trees every season for you to harvest yourself, or you can select one of the 120+ pre-cut trees displayed behind the barn. New for 2023, we are excited to open an additional field of trees for you to choose from.

The Cactus Blue food truck will be returning with hotdogs, burgers, tacos, burritos, and your favorite Mexican dishes on Black Friday and during the first three weekends of our season.

Beck Tree Farms is the premier destination for your genuine Christmas experience. Warm-up in the barn by a cozy fire and enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies. Kids of all ages enjoy visiting the friendly farm animals.  Dogs are welcome too,  just make sure to keep all pets on a leash.   On weekends, Santa even stops by  for a quick picture and visit with the kids! 




a true Christmas adventure

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After finding that perfect tree, your family can cuddle-up in the barn with hot chocolate and cookies beside our 48" Rumford fireplace. The kids will also love visiting with our friendly farm animals - goats, cows, chickens, pigs, and more! Leashed pets are always welcome to join your family on an adventure!

Our season begins the day after Thanksgiving at 9AM! We are open Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 5PM, and Monday through Friday from 11AM to 5PM.

Our custom wooden ornaments make a great addition to your Christmas tree. Collect a new one each year to relive the memories! Stay tuned for the reveal of our 2023 design!


On the weekends, bring your appetite and swing by the Cactus Blue food truck to enjoy hotdogs, burgers, tacos, and more by our fire pit.


Grab a saw and custom-made tree cart to set-out in search of the perfect Christmas Tree. Once you find that beauty, we'll quickly shake, bale, and drill your tree at no additional cost. We also stock up to 120 pre-cut trees on display for easy selection and purchase. A variety of tree stands and handmade wreaths are available as well.

Santa also visits the farm on Black Friday and weekends! Take a photo with Santa by the fireplace and tell him what you want for Christmas. This will surely be a holiday adventure your family will never forget!


2023 Closed for the rest of this season.

Season starts every year on Black Friday, at 9am


     Day after Thanksgiving, 9 to 5

 ~ Weekends   9 to 5

 ~ Weekdays   11 to 5

We remain open through all weather, except a coat of freezing rain or 6"+ of snow


& tree care

   Cut your own: 2023


  Closed for the rest of 2023, re-open in 2024

**  Max height of all trees will be 8 1/2 ft.  


***Blue Spruce max height is 6ft, limited selection.

Fresh trees pre-cut every week.

Up to 120 on display in water

behind the barn.

Pre-cut prices vary, but are similar to field prices .

Colored trees available while supplies last.

2023 colors include: purple, blue, teal, pink, white & black (and green!)

$22 additional fee.

We also offer tree stands, fresh Evergreen wreaths, tree disposal bags, ornaments, mugs, hats, and other farm merchandise for purchase.


The hot chocolate is always FREE!

Payment Options.png

Prices Subject to Change


It took us more than 8 years to grow your Christmas tree, and how you treat it will help it last even longer and smell even better once you get it home.

FRESH CUT:  Just like flowers - the fresher the cut, the longer your tree will last.  If possible, it is best to slice 1/4 inch off the bottom of the tree just prior to putting it in water.  (The hole drilled in the stump for pin stands is deep enough to allow this.)  

PLENTY OF WATER:  Drinking water keeps the trees needles where they belong - on the tree!  It also keeps your tree smelling fresh, and reduces flammability.  If your tree runs out of water even once, sap will close the pores and it will no longer be able to drink!  Your tree will drink a lot more during its first few days in your house, until it becomes climatized.

LOCATION:  Try to avoid placing your tree in direct sunlight, hot rooms, or near heat sources such as ducts, radiators, or fireplaces.  

STORAGE:  If you are not putting your tree up right away, it is ok to leave it baled up.  Please try to keep it in a cool place such as the garage, out of direct sunlight, and in water (with a fresh cut of course!)

AIR TEMPERATURE:  Thermal shock can cause early needle loss if the outside temperature is more than 40º lower then in your house when you bring the tree home. It is best to keep the tree in a moderate temperature for a few hours or even overnight before bringing it all the way inside.  A protected place such as a covered porch or garage is suggested.

We hope your tree lasts as long as you want it to! We recommend placing a tree disposal bag under the stand prior to putting your tree up, to help contain any needles that fall as you take it down at the end of the season.


*Spotted Lanternflies: Per our discussions with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Christmas Trees are NOT a primary target/concern for Lanternflies.  SLF adults are not present during our sales season, and it is very unlikely that they would lay egg masses are on our Christmas Trees. An egg mass hatching indoors is even more unlikely and the baby SLF cannot fly and would quickly die due to lack of food.


As a precaution, we have completed SLF permit training, inspected our trees, and key employees will be checking trees for egg masses. This is a serious pest dramatically effecting vinyard, orchard, and hardwood agriculture in 34 Pennsylvania counties and several states. Please help stop the spread of SLF.


has a story

Each spring the Becks can be found preparing the fields for spring planting.  In addition to other crops, several thousand seedlings are planted each year.  Most trees are about 10 to 14 inches tall, and are already 3 or 4 years old when they arrive from the nursery.


Once planted, the trees are fertilized and watered as necessary depending on weather conditions, just like in your garden at home.  Weed free rows are also established, with a cover crop between rows to control erosion. 


Mowing the grass between the rows of trees so that they have room to grow is everybody's favorite job in early summer.  We have a fleet of mowers, one for every type of condition and size of tree.  There are fungus and insect pests to contend with, as well as deer.  Surrounding the tree fields, you'll see the large electric fences designed to ward off deer. 


During late summer each year, every single tree on the farm has to be trimmed to make it look its best for you.  This enormous undertaking fills up a lot of weekends and evenings, but results in a much fuller, conically shaped tree


In the fall we are usually still trying to finish up the trimming, keeping the tree rows free of weeds, and continuing to mow the grass.  More fertilizer is applied to give the trees a beautiful deep green color, as well as help with needle retention once you take them home.


November and December are incredibly busy as we prepare and sell trees.  It gets even more interesting when there is snow to plow in the fields.

January and February might be the only time to catch our breath.  By March, the ground begins to thaw and we can begin stump removal.  Nutrient content, PH levels, and drainage, are adjusted in the fields being prepared for the next crop of trees.  Then suddenly we are planting trees once again! 


The average Christmas tree sold at Beck Tree Farms has been growing in our fields for 8 years.  That's 8 years of filtering carbon dioxide and other pollutants to produce fresh, clean, oxygen rich air.  One acre of young evergreens produces enough oxygen for 18 people!


For every tree sold, several more are planted as our business continues to grow, thanks to you.

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